We hope to build a pluralistic world of cultures and art that interlinks life.


PRECIOUS Biannual Art Exchange Selections strives to foster an avant-garde art platform sharing paintings, photography, sculptures, cosmetics, hairstyles and so on, enabling budding artists and art students from across the world to share their works regardless of their art forms and increase appreciation of visual art for a harmonious and art-entangled life of joy.



- Art regardless of race and nationality

- Promote diversity of artistic expressions

- Provide opportunities for emerging artists

- Foster universal human values ​​and the spirit of art


More About the Competition & Rules

The new PRECIOUS will provide an avant-garde online art platform, where budding artists and art students across the world can share their works regardless of their art forms, whether they be paintings, photography, sculptures, cosmetics, hairstyles, etc. The theme will change every six months and artists can upload photos of their works onto a specific website, where art enthusiasts can enjoy from every corner of the world. All uploaded artworks can also join the Biannual Art Exchange Selections of PRECIOUS for free and will compete for the “Top Ten Awards”, which are selected by jurors consisted of artists and academics from a wide range of countries and fields.


Among the top ten outstanding works, the artwork with the most votes will win the “Best Work Award” and will be on the cover of PRECIOUS. The artist will be interviewed to tell his/her story of becoming an artist and share aesthetic concepts. In addition, PRECIOUS will also introduce the other nine artists winning the “Top Ten Awards”, so that voices of the new generation can be heard and a pluralistic world of art can be sustained.




Biannual Theme of the Art Exchange Selections:

One World: East Meets West



Competition Schedule


First Phase


June 18, 2020 to 18 September, 2020 (23:59 GMT +8)


Any art work with the concept or ideas of "East meets West" can be submitted. Art forms includes but not limited to painting,photography, sculpture, makeup and hair styling;

Old art works can be submitted as long as it matches the current theme.

Biannual Art Exchange Selections is dedicated to art exchange and art sharing. Any religion or politics related artworks will not be accepted for the competition.


Participants of PRECIOUS Biannual Art Exchange Selections can apply for a free account to upload their artworks.


> Application Platform


Participants who have successfully registered can upload entries from 18 June 2020 ( 12:00 GMT+8 ) to 18 Sep 2020 ( 23:59 GMT+8 ). The number of entries is capped at 200.

The first 200 entries, according to the time when the entry finishes uploading, will enter the competition. The Preparatory Committee of PRECIOUS Biannual Art Exchange Selections reserves the right of final decision.

> Submission Platform



Second Phase 


Mid October, 2020


The Preparatory Committee of PRECIOUS Biannual Art Exchange Selections will announce the results of the competition to participants by email in mid October, 2020.

> Jury